Summer is just around the bend, and a lot of you are probably already daydreaming of the adventures you're going to take this season. The mountains and forests of Pennsylvania are calling your name, and before you answer, you need to make sure you've prepared for the journey.

As you travel with your Subaru this summer, follow these five tips to help you and your travel companions stay safe.


#1: Make Sure The AC Works

Pennsylvania's wild terrain might be beautiful, but driving through it without air conditioning could put a real hitch in your travel plans. Be sure to check your AC before heading off.


#2: Check Your Car's Oil, Brakes, Wiper Fluid, AC, and Exhaust Systems.

Before you take off, make sure your vehicle's fluids are sufficiently full. Checking your brake fluid, wiper fluid, and oil should be on your to-do list. Over time, the average boiling point of brake fluid decreases due to absorbing moisture and other contaminants. Brakes are used a lot in mountainous terrain, and the increased brake use can cause the fluid to overheat just when you need your brakes the most.


#3: Drink Water Throughout The Day

Speaking of fluids, it's very important to bring extra drinking water along with you and to keep hydrated during the daytime. As you're driving through the mountains, you are going to be at a higher altitude than you're probably used to, and dehydration can increase the risk of getting altitude sickness.


#4: Give The Right Of Way To The Car Going Uphill

When two cars pass on a hill, the one backing up downhill will often have less control. Remember to give them plenty of space to return to their lane.

Another thing to remember is that cars possess less available horsepower in higher altitudes, and your car may not drive the same in the Pennsylvania mountains as it does on sea-level terrain. Subaru's All-Wheel Drive feature comes in handy in such situations.


#5: If You Take The Road Less Traveled, Be Prepared  

If you choose to journey through unpaved side roads, make sure to do it right. Check the local road and weather conditions before you go exploring. See to it that someone knows of your location, when you will leave, and when you expect to return, just in case you need help later on. Lastly, make a mental note to drive more slowly and take wider turns when on unpaved roads, as you are going to have a lot less traction compared to a paved road.

One of the most important things, though, is to have fun! And remember: your PA Subaru dealers provide vehicles that are famous for their rugged durability, so if you're thinking of exploring the Pennsylvania wilderness this summer, keep the Subaru dealerships serving Chester County and Montgomery County in mind!