No matter if you drive a Honda from the 90's or a certified preowned in Pottstown, the winter season comes along with a greater risk of danger on the road. Winter weather can leave you stranded-especially if you need to travel right after a storm. If you don't already have a vehicle emergency kit, add these 7 essentials to your car or truck today.

     An ice scraper and snow brush. These will help you clear off your car in heavy snow.

     Road flares. Road flares will help alert other drivers to your presence if your car breaks down in a blizzard.

     Jumper cables. Jumper cables can help you get your vehicle going if your battery dies due to the cold.

     First-aid kit. Injuries after an accident can be more common than you think. Make sure you include band aids, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes and gauze in your first-aid kit.

     Sand or non-clumping cat litter. If you skid off the road and into a snowbank, you can sprinkle cat litter or sand behind the wheel of your tires to regain your traction.

     A wireless cell phone charger. A wireless cell phone charger and cord can help you recharge your battery if you run out of power after an accident.

     A warm blanket and gloves. You never know how long you might be stranded after a winter accident. A warm blanket and gloves can help you stay warm while waiting for help to arrive.

Having a winter weather preparedness kit is important when it comes to staying safe when you drive. But what's even more important is driving a vehicle that's passed inspection and fit for the road. At Piazza Subaru, we have both new and preowned vehicles that can help you drive safer this season. From the spacious and sturdy Subaru Ascent to the sleek and stylish Subaru WRX in Chester County, we have a massive selection. Give us a call today at 888-690-2369 to learn more or get started!