At our Subaru dealership of Limerick, PA, we never cease to be excited by all of the gadgets you can find inside a modern Subaru. Perhaps one of the most exciting, and titillating is the latest version of STARLINK-bringing you, your family, and your vehicle all the technological potential of 2018, all in one convenient, and comfortable mobile space.

1. Safety Inside and Out .

When you're synced with Subaru STARLINK, you and your vehicle are safe every second you are at the wheel and on the road. With diagnostic alerts and maintenance notifications, you can easily gauge the state of your Subaru and when it requires a servicing. At the end of the month, STARLINK compiles all the data it's collected and emails it to you. If an airbag is ever deployed, a Customer Care advisor automatically calls you via your car's speakers, ensuring your comfort, security, and safety. 

2. Multimedia Connections.

Being compatible with Android, and Apple mobile devices, your Subaru STARLINK system is always just a click away. Available through Google Play, and the Apple App Store, MySubaru is your multimedia command center, giving you full command over navigation, voice-dialed phone calls, music, and even climate control!

          1.  Pandora opens the world of music up to you, wherever you are. With the press of a fingertip, you can access a whole slew of musical genres, customized to your                 tastes. With MySubaru installed on your phone, you can switch between stations and songs through voice commands or your car's steering wheel.

         2. You iHeartRadio fans have access to your favorite radio stations and on-air personas down every road you venture. Connected to over a million music artists, and               over 25 million songs, you'll explore the world inside and outside of your car.

         3. It's impossible to overstate the convenience of a Bluetooth connection to your car. You can leave the USB cables at home and stow your smartphone wherever you                like. As you drive, you'll receive phone calls through your car's audio system; and play music stored on your phone's hard drive.


If you're the owner of a 2018 BRZ, 2018 Crosstrek, 2018 WRX, 2018 Legacy or 2017 Outback, you're guaranteed all the features of the STARLINK safety, security, and multimedia system.

If you're not the owner, but you're thinking about being one, visit Piazza Subaru of Limerick, the best Subaru car dealership in the Chester County area!