As summer fades and the days start to get shorter, you begin thinking about how quickly the year has flown. Driving your Subaru WRX through the picturesque Chester County leads to you thinking about what the back half of the year will hold.


With the kids going back to school and the temperatures slowly beginning to drop, you may have concerns about your car going into the colder months of the year. Maybe you have some concerns about your engine performance that you have been putting off. Perhaps there is an issue with your windshield wipers - or any number of small little things - that can potentially snowball into a more significant problem. If you have any concerns about your vehicle going into the winter months, now is the time to address these concerns.


The lull period between the summer vacation trips and the harsh realities of the winter chill provides the perfect opportunity to perform car maintenance. Just like when practicing self-care for yourself, a regular car care routine can help your car perform at its best during difficult driving conditions and prolong its life cycle.


Get That Weird Sound Checked Out

It's happened to everyone at one point or another. You're out driving, and your car starts to make a weird noise, but aside from the initial unnerved feeling when you first heard it, it hasn't affected your car's performance, so you've let it go up until now.


Don't let that thinking carry over into the fall and winter! The colder weather gives the issue a chance to exacerbate and turn into a full-blown problem. Have your car inspected by a licensed and trusted mechanic!


Battery Efficiency is Key

No one wants a dead battery in the middle of the cold winter season. While it can be challenging to figure out how much of a charge is left in your battery on your own, you can have your mechanic or another car service check your battery levels. You can also perform routine maintenance for your battery in the form of scraping corrosion off the connectors, cleaning all the surfaces, and tightening all of the connections.

Wipe It Down

With the unpredictability of winter weather conditions, having your windshield wipers performing at their best is vital for your safety. Replace any worn down wiper blades and consider replacing them with rubber-based winter blades to help with any ice build-up.


A Worn Tire is an Unhappy Tire

Ensuring that your tires are in the best condition possible heading into the winter months is crucial. If your tires look worn down and you feel like you aren't getting excellent traction, now is the time to get them changed. Tires without traction will perform terribly in cold weather and can prove dangerous with slick and icy conditions of the later winter months.


Are you in Montgomery County and looking to get your Subaru Forester looked at and ready for the fall and winter? Come on down to Piazza Subaru of Limerick to get it checked out today!