Driving is an everyday task that millions of us take part in every single day. From getting to work to meeting up with friends or just picking up something to eat, we drive all across our area without even realizing it. One thing we also don't always realize is what to do if an emergency occurs or if our car breaks down. Before you head out on the road next time, it is important to check that you have these items in your car at all times. 

Tools Needed To Change a Tire

Aside from having a spare tire, it is just as important to have the tools needed to change a tire. Blowing out a tire is one of the most common reasons for drivers to break down on the roadways. Making sure your car has a tire jack and tire iron is very important. 

First-Aid Kit

In the event of a serious car crash, you're going to be in need of immediate medical attention. However, for any minor collisions or accidents, having a first-aid kit can be a huge help. Little things like a cut that requires stitches or any kind of injury from broken glass can be cleaned up quickly with a first-aid kit in your trunk. 


Since accidents can happen at any time of day or night, it is important to have a flashlight in your trunk or backseat at all times. Anyone who breaks down in the dark may only have their smartphone as a method of light. It is also a smart move to leave spare batteries with the rest of your supplies as a backup. 


If you don't have much trunk space, you may leave blanket out of your car during spring and summer. However, it is smart to always have a blanket in your car. If your car needs to be towed or has been completely wrecked, it is beneficial to have a blanket for warmth if you do happen to break down in the cold. 

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