While you may be dreaming of sun and sand, it's important to remember that winter is not quite in your rearview mirror yet. Piazza Subaru knows that this has been a particularly harsh winter on our cars here in Pennsylvania. However, with a little tender loving care, we can help you drive right into the new season with these post-winter car cleaning tips.

It's important to remember that with the excess salt, water, ice, and dirt impacting your car's paint and components can be detrimental to your vehicle. The coming change of seasons is the perfect excuse to give your can a deep cleaning and get it looking factory-fresh.

Get A Cleaning Routine

In winter months, it can be a pain to get motivated to wash your car. Consequently, regularly scheduled cleanings should be implemented during warmer seasons. As your PA Subaru dealers, we recommend washing the car once every two weeks. When roads are wet after a rain shower, debris, dirt, and salt can build up and become dangerous to your car's paint. 


Grab The Pressure Washer

When road salts and other contaminants build up on your vehicle, they can cause all sorts of issues from corroding to rusting. Routine cleaning may not rinse these off the undercarriage, where they accumulate and can create dangerous mechanical problems as well as aesthetic ones. 

A pressure washer is ideal for this application to blast debris and salt from those hard-to-reach areas like under the bumpers, in the wheel arches, and inside the door jambs. Using a pressure washer won't damage these areas of the car, but it will ensure that all the contaminants are washed away after accumulating during the winter months.

Finalize It With Wax

Once you've removed all traces of winter from your car, apply a fresh coat of wax to protect all your hard work. This will provide a protective barrier for your vehicle against substances like tar, salt, and tree sap, which can become even more problematic as the trees begin to bloom in warmer weather.

Winters can be tough on your vehicle. We want your car not only to be functioning correctly, but we want it to look its best as well. Follow these tips to keep your car sparkling and purring like new.

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