Stay Safe This Year with a New 2017 Subaru Vehicle

When you're purchasing a new vehicle, safety is probably one of your top priorities -- that's why Subaru makes it their priority, too. When you're browsing car dealerships in Berks County this year, make sure to stop in Piazza Subaru of Limerick. We have a wide selection of vehicles available with award-winning safety features available on most models.


     EyeSight - Have you ever accidentally rear-ended someone? Maybe they stopped sooner than you expected, or you were following a little too closely. Whatever the reason was, you probably ended up at fault. Subaru's unique EyeSight feature acts as a second set of eyes on the road. When it sees that a car or other object is too close and you are in danger of crashing, it applies the brakes for you, which can help avoid a collision. The feature also works with cruise control, adapting your speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

     Rear Vision Camera - A standard feature on our six most popular models, a rear vision camera is indispensable for navigating parking lots and driveways. Not only does it help you see cars coming that you might not have been able to see, but it also helps you be more aware of small children and animals that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

     Blind Spot Detection - Another common reason for collisions is when a driver tries to change lanes, but couldn't see that there was a car already in the adjacent lane. Even if you check your mirrors before changing lanes, you might not notice a vehicle in your blind spot. Using radar sensors, Blind Spot Detection alerts you using an indicator in both of your side mirrors, and it will flash if you signal to change lanes and there is another car in your path.

     Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive - Subaru is well-known for its standard AWD system, which is included on all six of their most popular models. Symmetrical AWD means that the system sends power to all of the wheels, which increases the vehicle's traction in slippery conditions like rain and snow.


With so many standard and available safety features, it's easy to see why Subaru vehicles frequently make the list for safest vehicles on the road. If you're visiting car dealerships in Chester County to find a new car this year, come browse the selection at Piazza Subaru of Limerick. We'll help you find a car that you're sure to love for years to come.

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