Car manufacturers appear to have much in common with each other. They all make automobiles, focus on delivering well-made vehicles to customers, and emphasize customer service. With that in mind, every manufacturer and car dealer has to do things that let them stand apart from their competitors. Facts and characteristics that separate specific manufacturers become critical in the competitive car industry. Subaru leverages its history and production practices, as well as what's under the hood, to differentiate itself from the competition. 

Almost everyone is familiar with Subaru, the worldwide vehicle manufacturer. However, if it's been a while since you stopped by our dealership, where people from the Phoenixville area can get a new or used Subaru Outback (such as the 2020 Subaru Outback Limited pictured), there may be more about Subaru you didn't know. If you've ever wanted to learn a little bit more about Subaru and what makes their vehicles unique, be sure to read on!


The Logo

Have you ever wondered where the Subaru logo comes from? The company's logo is based on a constellation. It was specifically designed to look similar to the Greek=named constellation Pleiades, a star cluster that some call "the seven stars." You might know it as part of the Taurus constellation, which can be seen quite clearly from the Japanese countryside on a clear night. 

Why Only 6 Stars?

This particular constellation is often referred to as "The 7 Sisters," so you might be wondering why the Subaru logo features only 6 stars? As part of Japanese tradition, one of the sisters stays invisible. Staying respectful of that tradition, the logo features the 6 stars. Additionally, it represents the five Japanese car manufacturers that combined to form one conglomerate that took the name "Subaru" to call their new venture, noted by one star being larger than the other five. 

A Car for All Terrains

Most car manufacturers treat all-wheel drive as a luxury rather than a feature for all of their models. However, Subaru takes the opposite approach. Every one of their cars comes equipped with either AWD or 4WD to handle any type of terrain and weather conditions that may cause drivers to pause in other vehicles. 

For The Furry Friends

Subaru and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are partners. Since 2008, the Subaru Corporation has donated more than $20 million to the ASPCA's mission of supporting animals and pets.

Built to Last

When looking at any Subaru sold in the last ten years, research has found that more than 95% of them are still on the road. From the parts used to the skill of the workers putting the vehicles together to the engine design, Subaru cars have become known as one of the most reliable and durable cars on the new or used car market. That should make you feel pretty confident that whether you're buying your Subaru new or used in Chester County, it'll be a solid investment that you'll be able to drive for years to come!

Responsible Waste Disposal

As the 21st century continues, organizations worldwide have started to reckon with their impact on the environment. Subaru has begun taking steps to reduce the waste produced by their plants. Some Subaru plants have no waste that ever reaches a landfill. In fact, Subaru has also taught other big-named companies how to keep any of their waste from making it to local landfills. Raytheon and Whole Foods are two of the largest corporations benefiting from Subaru's focus on the environment.

The Boxer Engine Difference

Engines provide the power your car needs to move. Every car sports a different engine that generates different types of horsepower; however, the boxer engine employed by all Subaru models offers drivers additional bonuses.

A boxer engine is a special type of engine that lowers the vehicle's center of gravity, makes the vehicle lightweight and reduces damage during a collision. Out of all of the vehicle manufacturers on the planet, only one always uses boxer engines for every single vehicle they make. If you haven't guessed already, it's Subaru!

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