When you first buy your new or used car, you are in a state of euphoria. With your new Subaru Outback purchased near Phoenixville at Piazza Subaru, you start driving and think about the variety of adventures you can go on and begin planning your next road trip. However, there will come a time when your car starts to run a little less efficiently or something starts to break down. Then comes the decision of where to go to bring your vehicle in for repairs. While many may choose a commercial auto repair store, there are some clear benefits to bringing your car into the service center of the dealership where you first bought your vehicle.


Specialists on Staff

While bringing your car to a local auto body shop might prove to be a desirable option, you cannot guarantee that the mechanics on staff are trained to deal with your specific make and model's intricacies. Each car manufacturer utilizes different styles of parts, different brands, and a variety of different models. They have to be ready to deal with issues that pop up over a wide range of cars. However, when you bring your vehicle into the dealership service center, the staff is specifically trained in that particular brand of car. They have experience in the variety of models manufactured by your dealership.


Access to Parts

Another critical reason to consider utilizing your dealership service center revolves around the parts you need for repairs. For more substantial and more involved repair jobs, a local mechanic will have to order out for the parts they need, and you are stuck waiting for the parts to come in to finish the repairs. However, with the dealership service center, there is a higher likelihood that the parts you need for the repairs are available on site. Also, the dealership's mechanics have a direct line to the manufacturer if there does happen to be a specific part that they do not have in stock.


An additional plus of going to your dealership's service center lies with the warranty. As long as your car is still under warranty, your dealership will cover the costs of repairs and part replacement.


Are you looking to bring your Subaru Forester in for service near Phoenixville? Call the Piazza Subaru service center today to schedule your next appointment!