As consumers look at how the current year's car models changed and looked, they may begin to peek at what 2021 holds for car trends. By seeing what changes are incoming for the variety of car types out there, we can predict what changes can be in store further down the road. As we continue to dive headfirst into a new decade, one with seemingly unlimited technological possibilities, anticipating what these changes can mean for the automotive industry and consumers at large will be critical moving forward.

A Look Towards 2021

With Subaru's 2021 lineup announced and already being run out to dealerships, we can take a look at the changes that have taken place. Once we look at these changes, we can determine the predominant trends that will define 2021 for car buyers. Subaru has decided to make a slew of features that were reserved for the premium packages. In the case of the Subaru Legacy for our Chester County car buyers, every 2021 model comes with the Subaru Eyesight active safety suite to keep drivers safer.

The Subaru Crosstrek experiences a thorough update of some key features and design. Included with the traditional Crosstrek model is a sport option with an engine pumping out 182hp and 176lb-ft of torque. Every Crosstrek sports a redesigned bumper and grille, redesigned wheel options, and updated color options.

For Chester County residents, the Subaru Forester underwent a redesign in 2019, so the changes this year aren't far-reaching, but they are still impactful. Steering-responsive headlights, once reserved for the premium options, have become available across all Forester models. Automatic high beams will also now come standard across all Foresters.

What's Next?

As more once premium features become more accessible to Subaru customers, the Subaru lineup will see consistent upticks in quality and smooth rides as new premium features come in to fill the void. But what does that mean for 2022 models and beyond? Can we begin to think ahead to what could be coming down the pike in terms of new features and technologies? We can glean some indications from some sneak peeks at 2022 models and see what kind of features they purportedly have in the wings. In the case of the rumored second generation Subaru BRZ, a new stiffer chassis means drivers get a more stable drive experience and feel like they can push the car further than the first generation. The new chassis combined with a more potent engine should give drivers a more exhilarating ride.

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