Comparing Types of Car Washes: Hand Vs. Automatic

What's better than a new car fresh out of the car wash? Now that the sun is shining and winter is over, it's officially car wash season. It's time to get all the salt, dirt and grime off your vehicle since we all know car washes in the winter last only a day before the next snow storm hits! Piazza Subaru wants all of our customers to know the facts when it comes to DIY car washes versus automatic washes.


Let's explore the pros and cons each method yields:


Automatic Car Wash: Saves Time

This is probably the number one reason why people opt for an automatic drive-thru washer: It saves time. A typical automatic car wash takes five to ten minutes to complete, and that might be all the time you have this week between meetings, social outings and your child's batting practice. There might be an automatic washer right around the corner from work, and it's convenient for you just to pop in. Whatever the case may be, it's a lot easier than pulling out the hose and soap in your driveway.


Hand Wash: Cleanest Results

There is no doubt that personally scrubbing down your vehicle returns the cleanest results. With personal attention to every nook and cranny, it will be easier to get the dirty spots an automatic washer might not be able to reach. Aside from washing, waxing and polishing also tend to come out better after a nice personal hand wash.


Automatic Car Wash: Protects Car From Damage

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from damage, using an automatic car wash facility with modern equipment is your best bet. The brushes used during an automatic car wash are specifically designed to make sure your paint job is safe. Using sponges and rags during a hand wash runs the risk of small scratches on your car.


Hand Wash: Not Environmentally Friendly

You might be wondering how hand washing could be bad for the environment. Well, after you've mixed a concoction of chemicals together and washed them off your vehicle, these chemicals are going directly into our environment and sewer drains.


In the battle between hand washing and automatic washing, we think automatic is the winner! At Piazza Subaru, all of our inventory is squeaky clean and ready for a new home! Come on over to one of our car dealerships located in Berks County, PA, or our Limerick, PA location, and we will set you up with the car of your dreams. To browse our current inventory, please visit our website,

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