Buying a new car, like a Subaru Legacy, in Chester County, poses unique challenges for people. When it comes to car buying, changes in the season have just as much impact as it would on when and where you would go on vacation. Different times of the year have other effects on how car dealerships present their product, the types of prices you see, and how the negotiation process plays out. Knowing the different advantages of the various seasons means that you can decide when the best time is to go get your new dream car!


Why The Spring is The Best Time

The spring has historically been an ideal time for people to go and buy a new car. With the bank account flush with the Federal Tax Refund money, people are more inclined to make a larger purchase than they have in the past. Dealerships welcome these prospective car buyers with open arms and offer excellent offers and deals during the Spring season.


It's That Summer-Summer-Summer Time

When summer rolls around, prospective car buyers need to be mindful of the summer holiday deals. With big-time holidays like the 4th of July and Labor Day dominating the summer season, people find dealerships will offer special holiday-themed discounts to bring customers in the door and out in the car of their dreams.

Leaves Fall As You Get Into Your New Car

The fall offers unique advantages to prospective car buyers. With the days growing shorter and the temperature starting to drop, car dealerships begin to feel a renewed sense of urgency with their inventory. Car manufacturers have historically used the start of fall to introduce the new lineup of car models for the next calendar year. While you can gawk at the shiny new cars, the current year models that have not seen the road yet also receive some stellar deals in an attempt to clear out the old inventory to make room for the next year's lineup.


Winter (Deals) Are Coming

As the days grow ever shorter, and the harsh winter chill begins to roll through the landscape, some of the best deals you will receive on the year will start to drop. Christmas and New Year's Eve car deals usher in the time of year when dealerships are trying to make their quotas and finish ushering out the last few models from the past year's lineup in preparation for the full lineup of the new year's cars. Patience becomes a virtue here, where those willing to wait can gain an excellent deal on their next vehicle.


So Which Season Reigns Supreme?

When taking all of the factors into consideration, each season has its own unique advantages that car buyers can utilize to get the best deal for themselves. However, suppose you want the best combination of potential deals, excellent sales, and robust inventory. In that case, the fall offers you the best chance to walk away with your favorite car at a considerable discount. So if you are in the Phoenixville area and are looking for a new Subaru Crosstrek, Outback, or other Subaru models, come down to Piazza Subaru to look at our lineup today!