With fall in full swing, the temperatures are consistently dropping, and the leaves are changing color. And yet, winter is already fast approaching. While you can take steps to get your car ready for winter, one common question car owners routinely ask every winter is when the best time to change over to winter tires is.

Winter tires can help keep your car, yourself, and your passengers safe during the potentially treacherous winter road conditions. Knowing when to make the switch on your Subaru Forester for Pottstown residents can be the difference between an avoidable accident and a smooth winter drive.

All-Season vs. Winter Tires

Throughout the year, the weather varies wildly from season to season and presents tire manufacturers with a design challenge to accommodat. The all-season tires that most drivers will utilize throughout the year offer the best of both worlds, providing drivers with excellent traction and a sense of safety in summer and winter conditions. However, suppose your area routinely faces harsh winter conditions, such as snow, black ice, and extreme cold. In that case, all-season tires will not provide the same level of traction, comfort, and safety that winter tires offer drivers.

When Is the Best Time to Switch?

While some drivers will wait until the first significant snowfall of the season before making the switch to winter tires, this route may not provide the most benefit for you. While it does make sense to wait for the extreme weather to come before making the switch, being prepared ahead of time means that you won't be caught unaware if an unexpected winter storm hits your area before you can switch out tires. The general recommendation is to switch to winter tires once the temperature consistently hits 45 degrees Fahrenheit or less. At this point, you can make the switch before you need the tires while still maintaining the benefits of all-season tires until the last possible moment.

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